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Rachel Carter

Potter Rachel Carter creates domesticware for people who share her love of craft and design. Her serene, well-balanced forms are thrown on her potter’s wheel. Each piece is unique, showing hints of the making process: throwing, glazing and firing. Her work is functional and designed for everyday use and appreciation. 


ACE Firers

Artists Emily Siddell and Mark Goody have joined creative forces as ACE Firers to create their ceramics. Emily is a well known glass artist and Mark has a background as a painter. They create custom clay blends, and use salt or ash glazes to get unique results specific to each firing. They mostly create functional pieces, but also collaborate on sculptural projects. Their work 'Deconstructed Fables' won People's Choice award at the 2016 Portage Ceramic Awards.

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Fiona Mackay

With a background in creative industries including furniture design, fashion and styling, Fiona Mackay has always been drawn to simple, clean forms. Applying this love of design to objects made from clay allows her the expression of shape and form, in a craft that creates unique hand-made objects. She makes ceramics from her home studio in Devonport, Auckland.

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Julie Collis

Julie originally studied jewellery and textile design, and has worked in a range of media including glass and ceramics. She is inspired by found materials, such as crumpled paper cups. The objects’ significance changes from one of a ‘throw-away object’ to one of lasting beauty when cast in bone china.



Taus Ceramic

Taus creates handcrafted ceramics that are modern in design yet functional and long-lasting. Each piece comes from an approach in which everyday versatility is equal to elegance and simplicity. Tim Grocott works from his home studio in Te Atatu Peninsula, Auckland, turning raw clay into fine ceramics. Read his maker story here.


Duncan Shearer

Duncan Shearer is one of New Zealand's pre-eminent studio potters. Duncan specialises in wood-fired, soda-glazed pottery using traditional techniques. He has a deep appreciation for making functional objects that are equally beautiful to use. He works from his picturesque studio in the Karangahake Gorge. 

Kaolin Store Chade Honey Studio pottery

Charade Honey

Charade Honey leads a holistic lifestyle in the Karangahake gorge, making slow-thrown pottery on a kick wheel. Her work is wood fired and soda glazed, allowing the natural textures of the clay and traces of the making process to show in the finished pieces. Charade finds inspiration for her work from the plants in her beautiful medicinal garden.


Yvette van Raders

Yvette van Raders work is made from a textured stoneware clay that is decorated with clay slips and wood ash glazes. Yvette aims to make pots that are good to live with and interact with on a daily basis. Yvette's pottery studio is at her home in Tirohanga near the sea, just out of Opotiki, on the East Coast of the North Island.


Renée Boyd

Renée's work is clean, refined, delicate and minimal. She aims to tread the fine line between simple, timeless design, and unique pieces that have character and presence. Renée has a ongoing fascination with working in clay and the endless possibilities that it offers.


Peter Collis

Peter Collis is one of New Zealand's leading potters. He has been working professionally with clay since 1978. He is well known for his exceptional wheel-thrown work in porcelain. He has exhibited widely in New Zealand and overseas including Japan, Singapore and Dubai. His work is held in numerous private and public collections throughout the world.


Elena Renker

Elena makes beautiful wood-fired ceramics. She specialises in making tea bowls, the quintessential domestic item, that represents nourishment and sustenance. Elena has created a sustainable haven on her farm north of Auckland, providing inspiration for her creative practice.

Petley Kaolin Store


Courtney Petley’s therapeutic hobby, restoring old wooden furniture, soon evolved into carving and spoon making due to her love of cooking, native timber, and working with her hands. With a background in fashion production and pattern making, Courtney has a good eye for design. She grew up watching her Dad and Grandfathers build houses, so woodworking has always been a part of her life.