Product care

Our ceramics are all handmade, and when treated with care these objects will last a lifetime.

We provide detailed care instructions, specific to the item, with each order.

Each maker uses different clays, glazes and firing techniques, which all have different care requirements. 

General Guide:

  • Items made from porcelain and stoneware are safe to be washed in the dishwasher.
  • Items that are wood fired should be hand washed only.
  • Items with special details, such as  gold lustre, should be washed by hand only.
  • Your product is designed for everyday use, but like all ceramics, it is susceptible to thermal shock. Thermal shock happens when you move an item from somewhere very hot to somewhere very cold quickly and vice versa.
  • Matt glazes may mark with metal cutlery. Cutlery marks can be removed from the glaze with ceramic cleaner.

For more information or advice please contact us.