Rimmed Slate Side Plate by Rachel Carter

Rimmed Slate Side Plate by Rachel Carter


A beautiful hand thrown side plate, that looks stunning on it’s own or as part of a larger setting. These plates are glazed in a semi-matt glaze that Rachel has developed , along with her own custom blend of clay. The clay is a warm slightly speckled stoneware, with an unglazed rim. The plates are glazed in three complimentary shades, designed to be mixed and/or matched at the table to create a unique setting. The glazes are a light creamy speckle, a mid-toned tan speckle, and a dark olive brown speckle.

Many of the country's top chefs have sought out Rachel's work, due to her craftsmanship and unique aesthetic.

As this item is handmade each piece will vary slightly in size, form and finish.  We believe this adds to the character of each piece and is something to be valued in the handmade.  

Diameter 17.5cm

Height 2cm

Glaze Colour:
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